I ran a lot over the past 12 months. More than ever, which was a surprise to me. I didn’t have a goal of running over 100 miles each month for a year straight, until I realized I had done so for 11 months. But more interesting than just the overall number were the details. Before I ran […] Continue



I ran a lot over the past 12 months. More than ever, which was a surprise to me. I didn’t have a goal of running over 100 miles each month for a year straight, until I realized I had done so for 11 months. But more interesting than just the overall number were the details. Before I ran […]


Sci-Fi Book Cover Classics


I visit a used book store in Ithaca’s Commons at least once a week. It’s called Autumn Leaves and sits on the ground level above a record/cd store, and under a pirate themed (barely) cafe. My favorite aisle to wander is the sci-fi section. I’ve purchased a few things from here in the past but as I’m trying to use the library and […]


Running, Revisisted

I love running. And runners. The Summer Olympics begin tonight and even though I don’t often watch sports, hit the track, or the road if I can help it, I look forward to watching people move. Four years ago I was on vacation in Maine and woke up, poured myself some cereal, and turned on […]


Giant, Better


This was not a honeymoon. But it did all happen within a week of getting married. Once all of our family left town, so did we. It took almost exactly five hours to get from Ithaca to the Giant trailhead (ridge route), so we didn’t start the climb until 2:45pm. We made it up to […]


Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You


So you’re going to run an ultra? Great, I did that, once, and I’m about to do it again. So stop reading if you’re looking for legitimate advice. This post is about some unsuspecting things that I wish I had thought of, or read, talked about, whatever, prior to completing the Cayuga Trails last year. […]


We Love Testing


Here’s one for the old digital refrigerator. Yesterday after my son (age 10 at this posting) and I finished up some collaborative Portal 2 levels he went up to his room. He came down about 10 minutes later with this drawing, and I absolutely love it. We have played the game on and off for a little […]


Typetester Returns

I used to have a way to live preview fonts on my site. I removed it during a redesign and never got around to bringing it back. It isn’t the most elegant integration, and doesn’t quite do my type design justice. But, I’ve learned that a slightly wonky type tester is better than nothing all, so I […]



As I always say, if you want one of your fonts on a book cover, you’ve got to do it yourself. Okay I don’t say that, and honestly I’ve seen my stuff on several book covers that I didn’t design, which is fantastic. But, it turns out this is also a super fun way to test […]


Run Club


A simple thought popped into my brain during a run in the rainy woods today: replace the word “fight” in key quotes from the movie Fight Club with the word “run”. It doesn’t work for EVERY quote, but for others it is quite fitting. Those are included here. Then again, you could swap the word with “crochet” […]


Strength In Numbers


If only everyone had paid 50¢ per download. It feels like not too long ago I wrote a similar blog post about hitting 1,000,000 free font downloads. A lot has happened since that was published in October of 2013. The number of documented downloads (compiled from Font Squirrel, DaFont, and The League of Moveable Type) has […]


Two Lists

Things I’m over: India Pale Ales Higher education Apps “Entrepreneurs” Google Chrome Coffee that costs more than $2 Reddit Road races Seeing social media icons in print My inevitable death Squarespace American election coverage (literally the worst) Script fonts Sriracha Superhero Movies Unnecessary product packaging Just about everything posted on Medium Websites/pages that I can’t view […]


Booze vs Sleep


This isn’t science, it’s personal. I don’t drink a lot. That is to say, when I enjoy a grown-up beverage, I do so in moderation. There are three reasons for this. 1 – booze isn’t cheap (well, good booze isn’t). 2 – too much makes me, and most people (I’ve found), insufferable. 3 – feeling […]


Yearly Rewind


So here we are, already into the first Monday of 2016. My son trudged back to school through not nearly enough snow and the house is quiet and very cold, literally and metaphorically of course. But on New Year’s Eve I took a look back at almost all the video I captured in 2015 and […]


XXXpansion Time

assumptions-groupshot copy

In a flurry of awesomeness and dollars flying everywhere, the first expansion deck for Assumptions is here. After finding, hiring, loving Louie Chin for making 15 new wonderful characters, Allison and I got to work with 39 new assumptions. But before any of this happened we wanted a theme. Love. But not your typical Hollywood […]


Lauren Baker – Illustrator


I’ve never met Lauren Baker. But back in February she emailed in response to my tweet looking for character illustrators for an upcoming project. In fact, she was the first person to email. I was worried the task would be too challenging – 100 characters, grayscale, that would only print 3 inches tall. But she nailed it. […]


A New Addition To My Collection


This year I’ve been focusing on quality in my type design over quantity. Switching from Fontlab to Glyphs inspired a lot of new updates to existing typefaces. In fact, that was the easiest way to make the transition – learning a new application by seeing how it handles my old files. But after releasing Didactic […]


Runner’s Beat


I dug out my GoPro again to document a trail run. I’ve been experimenting with the best way to record my time in the woods, simply as a way to share it with other people (since it is easy to get lost and even easier to get uninspired/sick of the same routes). The head mount is smooth […]


Meet Louie


Just like with my initial tweet seeking artists/illustrators for Assumptions, a follow-up tweet for the first expansion pack artist led me to Louie Chin, a Brooklyn-based cartoonist/illustrator. After browsing through his amazing portfolio I not only wanted to know more about this talented guy, I craved more of his work. I asked Louie a few questions about him […]


Seinfeld Nostalgia


I got sucked into a bit of a 90s black hole when /r/typography shared a link to screenshots of every title shot from the show Seinfeld. Amazing. I’ve probably seen each episode two or three times as it was a household staple, and reruns were broadcast gratuitously. So my first few reactions today upon seeing this were pretty startling: […]


Time For Assumptions


It is finally here. Assumptions, the game I Kickstarted, has been sent to over 500 people already, to countries all over the world.

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