I grew up in southern Maine, a 400+ mile drive from my current location in Upstate New York. When I’m not creating typefaces I find myself designing other materials, writing music, or taking photos/videos. I’ve made a lot fun things over the past 12 years – a card game, iPhone apps, bird feeders, a brewery brand overhaul, ambient music, even home movies – and you can explore those and more at /work.

I take inspiration from friends, music, and the physical world more than anything else, and I try to not leave home without a camera. Some of my typefaces are also available on FontspringMyFontsYou Work For Them, and The League of Moveable Type. If you’ve obtained one of my fonts from anywhere else (including DaFont or FontSquirrel) you probably have an outdated copy, as I’m always making improvements on open source projects, even ones that are 5+ years old. Contact me via any of these methods below if you’re unsure, just saying “hi”, or have used something I’ve made and want to show me (highly encouraged!).

I’m @finck on Twitter, @typeler on Instagram, and @sursly on Github.