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  • “Outline” Makes News Minimal & Digestible


  • New O’Clock Refresh

    In September of 2015 I quickly and quietly launched New O’Clock, a website that publishes and tweets an interesting, true fact every day at two o’clock (AM and PM). Two posts a day was a lot of work, surprisingly, so I modified the site to publish at 2PM only. Then just on weekdays. Then life got […]

  • Mac OS 7 In Your Browser


  • The Hike is a Bonkers Book That Blew My Mind


  • Gravit Designer is A Free Vector Graphics App That Doesn’t Suck


  • YouTube Dark Mode in Chrome


  • Annual Upstate NY Design Conference


  • Little Fingers Mac App – Locks it Down


  • 360º Selfie From A Chimp


  • Keyboard synthesizer…in a browser


  • Big Update to Gluten

    I still have a soft spot for Gluten, now more than ever. Literally. Figuratively. In food, especially, but I’m talking about my font. I’ve recently been in the habit of touching up my existing type work. Usually this means many minor improvements that don’t involve the redrawing of letters, or don’t have major changes to any forms. […]

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  • Cloud Appreciation Society Is A Real Thing

    The Cloud Appreciation Society

  • A Very Talented Ithaca Photographer


  • Amazing Animation/Illustration GIFs


  • Hatcher at Wilburland

    My friend Josh returned home to record his third album at Wilburland. He invited me to the studio to document some of the process. I showed up with my video camera and captured about 90 minutes of his second night of recording. All sound in this video is picked up either by my camera or external […]

  • Twitter Type Lesson

    Ahoy @mantia. Nice work so far — here are some thoughts that might be useful. (Continues…) pic.twitter.com/G0h49oB2uG — Hoefler&Co. (@HoeflerCo) February 27, 2017

  • Type On Type

    I’m writing this on a bus to New York City. A last minute getaway with my wife. After admiring the winter scene that also distracts me when I’m behind the wheel, I realize that I can make something, right now. With my laptop actually on top of my lap, the options aren’t quite endless, but […]

  • Wonderfully Random Design Challenges


  • Videotunes

    Allison Usavage created 20+ videos for the Center for Transformative Action at their annual Finger Lakes Social Entrepreneurship Institute. Because the content was predominantly interview-based, music was requested that would supplement speech but not distract from the message. So I created five similarly simple songs to accompany the wide range of people presenting their ideas. Allison did an incredible job […]

  • Freebies

    I’m entering 12 years in the “workforce” as a “designer” and wouldn’t have made it this far (not sure how far that is) without free resources that other people have generously provided. It’s also worth noting that giving away some of my work has lead to paid work. So here you go: FONTS Southpaw – […]

  • Photos of 2016

    This is a year-in-review through my pictures. Unlike last year’s recap (where I wrote that I should take more video) this is a page of still imagery. I’ve posted some of these to my Instagram but I’ll let the photos and captions explain the rest.

  • Faux Poster Font Experiment

    I’m going to try something new with upcoming typeface releases: overdramatic fake movie posters. So I set out to make a simple design and realized that if you keep it vague enough (minimal, too) you can simply swap out the “title” with a different typeface and have a usable finished product. Is it generic? Yeah, […]

  • NY State Fair 2016 Edition

    The last hurrah of summer. A beautiful day, not the 90º+ temps we had dealt with for most of summer. And on a Thursday. It starts with the bus ride to the gate, and ends with collective burnout, and I love it all. It’s tradition now, the pig and potato parfait specifically. Even my kid, […]

  • An UPSTNY Font

    I was late to join my local (Upstate NY) AIGA chapter, and even later to hop on the chapter’s Slack list. Deplorable, I know, but I tried to make up for it by proposing a collaboration: a group mashup typeface. Over 30 people contributed at least one letter, number, or symbol. I have never met most […]

  • Runfograph

    I ran a lot over the past 12 months. More than ever, which was a surprise to me. I didn’t have a goal of running over 100 miles each month for a year straight, until I realized I had done so for 11 months. But more interesting than just the overall number were the details. Before I ran […]

  • Sci-Fi Book Cover Classics

    I visit a used book store in Ithaca’s Commons at least once a week. It’s called Autumn Leaves and sits on the ground level above a record/cd store, and under a pirate themed (barely) cafe. My favorite aisle to wander is the sci-fi section. I’ve purchased a few things from here in the past but as I’m trying to use the library and […]

  • Running, Revisisted

    I love running. And runners. The Rio Summer Olympics kicks off tonight and even though I don’t often watch sports, hit the track, or the road if I can help it, I look forward to watching people move. Four years ago I was on vacation in Maine and woke up, poured myself some cereal, and turned […]

  • Giant, Better

    This was not a honeymoon. But it did all happen within a week of getting married. Once all of our family left town, so did we. It took almost exactly five hours to get from Ithaca to the Giant trailhead (ridge route), so we didn’t start the climb until 2:45pm. We made it up to […]

  • Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

    So you’re going to run an ultra? Great, I did that, once, and I’m about to do it again. So stop reading if you’re looking for legitimate advice. This post is about some unsuspecting things that I wish I had thought of, or read, talked about, whatever, prior to completing the Cayuga Trails last year. […]

  • Laser Cut Birdfeeder

    In the fall of 2015 I created a birdfeeder using a single sheet of 24″ x 12″ birch plywood. I designed the three dimensional object in two dimensions using Illustrator, then laser cut the finished product at my local makerspace. The design was revised several times, although every single bird feeder that I cut has […]

  • We Love Testing

    Here’s one for the old digital refrigerator. Yesterday after my son (age 10 at this posting) and I finished up some collaborative Portal 2 levels he went up to his room. He came down about 10 minutes later with this drawing, and I absolutely love it. We have played the game on and off for a little […]

  • Hardcovers

    As I always say, if you want one of your fonts on a book cover, you’ve got to do it yourself. Okay I don’t say that, and honestly I’ve seen my stuff on several book covers that I didn’t design, which is fantastic. But, it turns out this is also a super fun way to test […]

  • Run Club

    A simple thought popped into my brain during a run in the rainy woods today: replace the word “fight” in key quotes from the movie Fight Club with the word “run”. It doesn’t work for EVERY quote, but for others it is quite fitting. Those are included here. Then again, you could swap the word with “crochet” […]

  • Strength In Numbers

    If only everyone had paid 50¢ per download. It feels like not too long ago I wrote a similar blog post about hitting 1,000,000 free font downloads. A lot has happened since that was published in October of 2013. The number of documented downloads (compiled from Font Squirrel, DaFont, and The League of Moveable Type) has […]

  • Two Lists

    Things I’m over: India Pale Ales Higher education Apps “Entrepreneurs” Google Chrome Coffee that costs more than $2 Reddit Road races Seeing social media icons in print My inevitable death Squarespace American election coverage (literally the worst) Script fonts Sriracha Superhero Movies Unnecessary product packaging Just about everything posted on Medium Websites/pages that I can’t view […]

  • Booze vs Sleep

    This isn’t science, it’s personal. I don’t drink a lot. That is to say, when I enjoy a grown-up beverage, I do so in moderation. There are three reasons for this. 1 – booze isn’t cheap (well, good booze isn’t). 2 – too much makes me, and most people (I’ve found), insufferable. 3 – feeling […]

  • Yearly Rewind

    So here we are, already into the first Monday of 2016. My son trudged back to school through not nearly enough snow and the house is quiet and very cold, literally and metaphorically of course. But on New Year’s Eve I took a look back at almost all the video I captured in 2015 and […]

  • XXXpansion Time

    In a flurry of awesomeness and dollars flying everywhere, the first expansion deck for Assumptions is here. After finding, hiring, loving Louie Chin for making 15 new wonderful characters, Allison and I got to work with 39 new assumptions. But before any of this happened we wanted a theme. Love. But not your typical Hollywood […]

  • Lauren Baker – Illustrator

    I’ve never met Lauren Baker. But back in February she emailed in response to my tweet looking for character illustrators for an upcoming project. In fact, she was the first person to email. I was worried the task would be too challenging – 100 characters, grayscale, that would only print 3 inches tall. But she nailed it. […]

  • A New Addition To My Collection

    This year I’ve been focusing on quality in my type design over quantity. Switching from Fontlab to Glyphs inspired a lot of new updates to existing typefaces. In fact, that was the easiest way to make the transition – learning a new application by seeing how it handles my old files. But after releasing Didactic […]

  • Runner’s Beat

    I dug out my GoPro again to document a trail run. I’ve been experimenting with the best way to record my time in the woods, simply as a way to share it with other people (since it is easy to get lost and even easier to get uninspired/sick of the same routes). The head mount is smooth […]

  • Meet Louie

    Just like with my initial tweet seeking artists/illustrators for Assumptions, a follow-up tweet for the first expansion pack artist led me to Louie Chin, a Brooklyn-based cartoonist/illustrator. After browsing through his amazing portfolio I not only wanted to know more about this talented guy, I craved more of his work. I asked Louie a few questions about him […]

  • Seinfeld Nostalgia

    I got sucked into a bit of a 90s black hole when /r/typography shared a link to screenshots of every title shot from the show Seinfeld. Amazing. I’ve probably seen each episode two or three times as it was a household staple, and reruns were broadcast gratuitously. So my first few reactions today upon seeing this were pretty startling: […]

  • Time For Assumptions

    It is finally here. Assumptions, the game I Kickstarted, has been sent to over 500 people already, to countries all over the world.

  • Introducing: Futch

    For the past few weeks (while I waited for Assumptions) I’ve been working on a WordPress theme.  It is called Futch (pronounced: FEW-ch) and is everything I’ve really wanted/needed in a site design powered by WordPress. Cruise around the demo site site some more. I’m really proud of the image gallery integration, using WordPress’ default Add Media […]

  • Dear Jonah, July 2015

    Dear Jonah (view series), We’re on the final days of a great vacation (meaning that we left Ithaca) in the middle of summer. After five days in Maine visiting family and friends we made our way to Vermont where you ate almost an entire pizza before we missed the ferry across Lake Champlain and drove […]

  • Assumptions – Soon

    A few months ago I Kickstarted a game called Assumptions. The photo above is of the final prototype that I was sent and approved! It was tons of fun to conceptualize, design, fund, and create. I hired illustrator Lauren Baker to bring 100 characters to life (45 men, 45 women, 5 somewhat gender androgynous people).  The game […]

  • Yeezy Display

    I’m very excited to share something I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. It’s a typeface inspired by and made for Kanye (not that he requested it or anything). I present to you: Yeezy Display (I also designed and coded the website).  

  • sursly dot com

    I made this site in 2008. It got a lot of attention (that I know it didn’t deserve) and people are still visiting my site today because of blog posts, “best” lists, and tutorials about it. In 2009 I wrote about how people stole the code/design. In fact, that one company is still using the same site! […]

  • Run Run Run

    So just over a week ago I ran my first ultramarathon, the Cayuga Trails 50. It was hard but also very fun and I’m happy to say that I finished it (in 10 hours 5 minutes and 51 seconds). The photo above was taken at about mile 23 (of 50) by the nice people at mountainpeakfitness.com. One […]

  • Grayscreens

    I used to love bright, busy, vibrant wallpaper/background on my phone. They were fun but made the locked view/home screen busy, especially at night, even with the brightness turned down. So for years I went with a solid black background and never changed it. Now I find myself drawn to subtle textures in dark shades of gray: easy […]

  • TRVOCM Remixes

    In 2012 I put out an instrumental album called The Return Voyage of Christopher Mackenzie (TRVOCM). You can listen to all of it on Rdio or YouTube. The music is kind of wacky, but it is exactly what I wanted it to be: a bit of a concept album, a soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t exist, […]

  • Free Minimal WordPress Theme: Gaunt

    I have been using some form of WordPress for years. Usually I just hack the default theme that comes with the download. Sometimes I don’t even rename the theme, and sometimes I do this every few months. But right now (April 3, 2015 *Updated – v1.5 – June 2, 2015*) the theme is available at the bottom of this […]

  • Katahdin Round

    I’ve enjoyed using this font I made on various screen and print projects. I’ve seen it is use with 3d creations by other people, as well. You’re welcome to use it on personal and commercial products. You don’t have to credit me (but you can). It’d be great to see what you do with the font (send a […]

  • Jellyfish and Friends

    Jonah and I have been going to the Maritime Aquarium of Norwalk ever since my sister moved to that area over five years ago. My favorite room/exhibit has always been the jellyfish. This video is about three and a half minutes and I could easily watch these jellyfish for 30 or 40 minutes. It is […]

  • Rutabaga Curl 2014

    It was glorious (and not too cold). 41 photos below, words no longer necessary!

  • Homemade Hoodie

    When I picked up Jonah the other night he was wearing a brand new hoodie. New in that he just got it, but he also designed it with fabric markers while he was at his mom’s place! He is still slightly obsessed with frogs, which I think is awesome, but there’s some other stuff going […]

  • Ithaca Hackathon

    There was a lot going on in town yesterday, but I was able to stop by Singlebrook‘s latest hackathon (hosted at their place, sponsored by many other local businesses). I didn’t have time to participate but I was able to take a bunch of photos, catch up with friends, and talk/listen to local innovative people. […]

  • Laser Type

    A few days ago I saw this and got really excited: #twithaca this friday, come make paper creations on the laser cutter @IthacaGen http://t.co/O32IAEIe10 — XantheMatychak (@xanthm) December 1, 2014 Way earlier in the year I backed Ithaca Generator‘s IndieGogo project and have been following along with close interest ever since. My friend and former […]

  • Monday Mollusc

    I picked some hot peppers from the greenhouse at work yesterday. When I brought them back inside I noticed that I had grabbed a clump with a snail attached! After letting it (him? her?) crawl around on my desk for a while I brought it back out to the greenhouse and took a few shaky […]

  • Pixels vs Print – Photo Recap

    I just got back from Pixels vs Print and it was wonderful. Seven other “coaches” (design professionals) and I, along with some wonderful Syracuse University staff/faculty, led almost 30 undergraduates through web and print design projects for Family. Life.. The tasks were challenging but the students were wonderful, and it was completely, unsurprisingly, exhausting. I […]

  • Micro Macros

    A lot of times I try to zoom out, or step back from something, to gain perspective. In this case I got in a close as I could. Closer than possible with my eyes. And as usual, the change in perspective was breathtaking. My yellow Pentax is approaching retirement. So in a panic I picked up a used […]

  • Change

    My kid is getting bigger, smarter, faster, older. Summer is gone. Even our schedule is completely opposite what it has been for the past 5 years. Our first fall in this new location is quiet, calm, and connected to a landscape that we love. The camera that I took these photos with hiccups after 2 […]

  • Southpaw Revisited

    If you’ve downloaded Southpaw from anywhere other than this page, uninstall it/delete it and get this new version.

  • The Great New York State Fair – 2014

    It’s that time of the year!

  • The Hop Farm

    A visit to a local farm for one of the key ingredients in almost all of Ithaca’s beer.

  • Affinity for Mashing

    This is nothing new.

  • Fontmaking 101

    A tutorial, kind of.

  • It Isn’t Going Anywhere

    Dear Jonah,

  • The Last Trip Home

    I’ll save the super sentimental writing for the video post (which I’m working on).

  • From a Backyard On A Hill

    We’ve left Ithaca, barely, but it feels like a wonderful new world.

  • Chunk Five Print

    I’ve had Meredith’s font Chunk installed on all of my workstations for as long as I’ve known about The League of Moveable Type.

  • Rhythm & Rhyme

    Just a few photos from the 2014 Ithaca Festival.

  • Ithaca Festival Parade 2014

    Here we go, 140 photos from last night’s annual parade/festival kick-off!

  • Create Upstate

    Last Friday was Create Upstate, a design event/conference/thing held in Syracuse, New York.

  • Pixel County Classics

    Flashback to 2007. FLASHback, get it? Flash. Ugh.

  • O.S. Stack

    Ostrich Sans Bold gets an update, and some new layers.


    A recipe, I suppose.

  • Jonah in January

    Dear Jonah…

  • Wisconsin Warmth

    It’s cold and snowy in the majority of the United States right now. I know because I’m looking out a window and have to squint to see any detail in the washed out landscape.

  • Flaming Lips, Round Two

    For the second time in my life I was treated to an experience that stimulated every sense and also left me more inspired than I could have imagined. I can gush with words right now OR I can show you a little bit of what I witnessed. Let’s do that:

  • Kelly’s Journey

    By now she is on her way to the other side of the world. But last night, in the spirit of adventure (among other things, I’m sure), an external transformation took place.

  • Porter Sans Block – A Free Font

    Okay, here you go, a free style of my brand new Porter Sans. The ZIP file below contains OTF/TTF/Webfont files, and some boring text files.

  • Million Milestone

    I want to keep this short, and special. We’re all busy people, right?

  • Waterfalls Everywhere

    Fall is here and for once I’m actually hiking the gorges with my camera and a tripod.

  • Two New One-Pagers

    We can sleep when we’re dead (or something), right?

  • Cloud Share

    I don’t fly often.

  • Postcard From 2013

    It’s rare for me to write about concert experiences.

  • Two Lights

    This is my favorite Dear Jonah because he contributed, which neither of us really intended.

  • Paths – Epilogue

    It’s been a little over six months since I released a slow, relaxing album called Paths.

  • Ostrich Sans Inline

    So I’ve slowly been “fixing” some “broken” stuff in my “fonts.” Ostrich Sans was flawed from the start but I’m happy to release a new style that is a bit more polished. And still free. It still isn’t perfect, but it is a huge improvement over the original Ostrich in almost every way. So go, download […]

  • Manhattan

    We needed an adventure. I was happy to take Jonah anywhere we could get to with our car or a train ticket but we decided that New York City had interesting things to offer. Or at the very least: different. And it is less than an hour from my sister’s doorstep.

  • Wayback Machine

    Looking at photos from exactly one, two, and three years ago is so last week.

  • Pennsylvania Fracking

    A journey through fracked land.

  • Sodus Point / Chimney Bluffs

    To a Great Lake and back.

  • Meet Piction

    Three weeks after launch and I’m happier than ever.

  • Zebes

    Where I rework a classic.

  • Photo Friend Adam

    Aka, @ilektrik

  • Ostrich Sans Goes to College

    Dartmouth College and Ithaca College each used Ostrich Sans in recent publications. I had nothing to do with it, I promise you that.

  • Love for “A Book of Beards”

    My friend Justin is an incredible photographer. When he told me that he was creating a photo book on beards that would raise money to fight cancer I jumped on the chance to get involved. He wanted a one page site, which is kind of my favorite.

  • The Return Voyage of Christopher Mackenzie

    45 minutes of epic, space soundtracky goodness. My new album is available on iTunes, Amazon and more, but you can stream it at tylerfinck.com for free!

  • Free Font (kinda) – Guilder?!

    After I finished making my condensed font Guilder, I wanted to give some of it away, which is a nasty habit when you’re trying to make a living from creating typefaces.

  • Kick(start) Me!

    I just “finished” a collection of instrumental songs that I’m calling The Return Voyage of Christopher Mackenzie. I’ve been working on some of the songs for years and others for the past few months.

  • LocalRad.io – New Mobile App

    Possibly my favorite web project to date. But, big disclaimer: LocalRad.io site does not work on Firefox or IE. It was made for iphones/ipads/android devices (but it will work on webkit browsers like Safari and Chrome).

  • Blackout Font, Still Free, Better Than Ever

    Blackout was created over four years ago, and I released it hastily, unpolished, and unfinished. The old kerning was abysmal, glyphs were consistent but illogical, and basic punctuation was missing.

  • Lickety Split, A New Handmade Font

    Lickety Split was created on a 3″ x 5″ index card with fat crayola crayons, scanned, tweaked, packed up and shipped out. To say I’m excited to use it for myself is a bit of an understatement.

  • Introducing: Pull Focus

    The idea is pretty basic, each week two things happen: 1) we announce a new theme (either a word or phrase) and photographers (of any level) can submit one photo with a brief description. 2) we launch the previous week’s theme, featuring only one photo from one person to represent the entire theme.

  • Typekit & Me, A Fond Farewell

    Where I talk about removing my fonts from the popular webfont service Typekit.

  • Guilder: Seven Days Later

    It has been one week since I released Guilder.

  • Free4U – Basic Paper Photoshop Brushes


  • The Sursly Font – Blackout – Now Downloadable

    This is the original blackout post, which is now out-of-date. Please visit the Blackout page for all new updates.

  • Optimum Design & Consulting? Copyright Fail and Design Theft

    This one stings a bit. Luckily my design wasn’t stolen (that would make the 6th time this year) but everything else was: including my Google Analytics code. And maybe that is why it stings a bit, because I saw “optimum design” in my keywords report (for a few months now) but thought nothing of it. […]

  • When I Said I’d Give Away My Font

    …several people took everything BUT the font. Like my whole site.

  • Throwback: Background Image Up For Grabs

    Plaid never goes out of style, except when dudes where it every day.

  • Listen To: Gavin Castleton

    OK people, really: http://www.gavincastleton.com

  • Minus A Cool Guy/Programmer

    An inspiration, smarty pants, and all around fun guy. Thank you CD, and best of luck! in your awesome future.

  • Sursly Font: Up For Grabs

    Update!! Go learn more about Blackout in the 2012 version.

  • Now Running WordPress 2.7-RC1

    And I blogged this from the dashboard. Take that. So far so good!

  • Instrumental Version of Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” Video

    I posted this on Vimeo – In Rainbows non-stop. I’ve been holding on to it for too long and putting off making the video, but here it is. This is in my opinion Radiohead’s greatest achievement (musically, the pay-what-you-want download was nice too though). OK Computer is a close second though…

  • Baby Steps, Sursly

    Well there goes the home page. New format will accommodate somewhat “live” design and development, which is uber-fun for me. Last night I debated switching my publishing platform to something new, mostly for no other reason than to experiment, but WordPress is just so snazzy these days. I was tempted to dive into Symphony, Habari […]

  • Quick, Somewhat Cool Announcement

    Just got The Word from band-mate Renee, who just got The Word from MTV in LA that our (Jetsetter) song Il S’en Va will be featured tonight on an episode of The Real World!