Imbue FT: 5 Weights

Atiga: 8 Weights : Upright + Italics

Gluten FT: Standalone

Altitude Condensed: 8 Weights : Upright + Italics

Porter FT: 2 Weights : Hard + Soft

Grandstander Classic: 3 Weights

Ostrich Proper: 8 Weights

Katahdin Round: 1 Free Weight

Mr. Brunch FT: 4 Weights : Several Styles

Retrograde: 2 Weights : Monospace

Ichabod: 2 Styles

Typocopia: Standalone

Nonesuch: Freebie

Upstater: 2 Styles

Juju: 5 Stackable Layers

Hi, I'm an independent typeface designer in Ithaca, New York. Aside from the contents of my shop, you can contact me for graphic design consulting, speaking, and commissioned fonts.


Design Crawl Ithaca

A walking tour of three graphic design studios in Ithaca, NY



Font In Use


I was surprised — and incredibly excited — to learn that the film Captain Fantastic uses my wacky mashup typeface for the title and marketing.