Two New One-Pagers


There are things to make! This summer I didn’t just travel, make music/movies, swim a bunch, move, adopt a dog, get a tattoo, make friends, and eat awesome things…I also designed and developed a couple of websites.

FIrst up

antlers-fullsiteA little restaurant called The Antlers. This place has been around for what seems like forever. I remember eating there when I was touring Ithaca College back in 1999. The nineties, people.

As if thriving for decades in this food-centric town wasn’t proof enough, the restaurant is obviously run by geniuses because they totally understood why only one page was necessary. Photos, food, prices, times, directions, done. Despite having an abundance of information and words from previous website iterations they were content to let it go for the sake of a more goal-oriented, focused user experience.

And since they liked my photography I was asked to take some shots of the restaurant in action to be included on the site. Since the location is situated higher on a hill than what I’m used to in Ithaca I was able to grab some warmly lit shots inside during happy hour. Bonus.

Not a bad gig, especially since they offered me drinks each time I showed up to get some work done. But I’m a professional, and politely delayed the offer until I got some work out of the way.

This project took a total of two weeks, from start to finish.

And then

adkbook-fullsiteI practically begged my friend Adam (who happens to be an incredible photographer) to help him sell his new ebook. He paired up with a talented guy named Chris and created a beautiful, but more importantly helpful resource. Photographing landscapes well is incredibly difficult. I’ve been to the Adirondacks between the months of July and November and even if the weather cooperates it is still a tricky task to get a good shot. So when I saw Chris and Adam’s nearly finished PDF I got to work quickly.

At this point I’d like to stop and state, for the record, that these dudes were the ones who decided to use my font Guilder in the ebook. Ordinarily using my own fonts outside of Piction just feels weird.

Similarly to the Book of Beards site, I had the privilege of working with professional photographs. As a designer (and pseudo-photographer) I can’t express how much joy and ease comes from working with gorgeous materials.

There really isn’t much more to say than that. Go check it out (and/or buy it) at