Assumptions – Soon

A few months ago I Kickstarted a game called Assumptions. The photo above is of the final prototype that I was sent and approved! It was tons of fun to conceptualize, design, fund, and create. I hired illustrator Lauren Baker to bring 100 characters to life (45 men, 45 women, 5 somewhat gender androgynous people).  The game is very similar to Apples to Apples/Cards Against Humanity, but with people. One person flips a character card, and everyone else gets to play an assumption card (from their hand) that they think fits the character (0r doesn’t/is funny/whatever). The person who flips picks their favorite, laughs, etc. Watch the vid preview:

The game is literally on a boat in some ocean on its way to my temporary warehouse. I’m very excited to share it. Almost 500 backers will get the game within a week of my receiving it, which should happen at the end of this month/early August. Then there is a very limited number of copies available, which will be available for pre-order on the game website – There’s an email sign-up at the bottom of the Assumptions page if you’d like to be notified about how/when/where to buy it.

the full site -
the full site –

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