Baby Steps, Sursly

Well there goes the home page.

New format will accommodate somewhat “live” design and development, which is uber-fun for me. Last night I debated switching my publishing platform to something new, mostly for no other reason than to experiment, but WordPress is just so snazzy these days. I was tempted to dive into Symphony, Habari or Drupal but maybe on the next re-design. If I get a little more free time I’ll re-install Expression Engine and pick up where I left off, but here we go.

So I’m still wrestling with the design but more so with content. What, really, do I want/need to be adding to this site? My photos (and some design work) go to Flickr, I’m on Twitter instead of this blog and I’ll be adding videos to Vimeo. Since I’ve been into poster design and illustration lately perhaps that is what the new Sursly will highlight.

That being said, this blog isn’t going to disappear, the focus will just be somewhere else. My goal is to re-launch by the end of August, but that depends on a few things, Jonah’s sleep cycle being one of them.