I grew up in a small town in southern Maine, 400+ miles from my current location in Ithaca, New York. Until college my life was a mix of running, video games, piano lessons, and long family car rides to Wisconsin and Florida (and everything in between). I didn’t go to school for design. Only my family and childhood friends call me “Ty.” I’ve had a lot of fun making typefaces and other things for a living over the past 12 years – a party game, bird feeders, iPhone apps, a brewery brand overhaul, websites, logos, photos, videos, even ambient music – and you can explore that stuff and more at /work. Some of my typefaces are also available on MyFontsFontspring, Creative MarketYou Work For Them, and The League of Moveable Type. My work has been used by Barack Obama, HBO, Harper Collins, Chronicle Books, Twitter, Condé Nast, Target, Staples, Buzzfeed, Toms, Threadless, Zappos, Dartmouth College, Lowe’s, Modern Times Brewery, Zipcar, The Discovery Channel, Elizabeth Banks, Whole Foods, NBC Universal, and NASA, among others. Contact me via any of the methods below, or if you have used something I’ve made and want to show me (highly encouraged!): @finck on Twitter, @typeler on Instagram, and @sursly on Github. Oh, and go stream my music on Spotify 👍