Father’s Day Hike

June 2016

Dear Jonah,

Today is Father’s Day, which of course wouldn’t be possible without you. It started with a massive brunch that left all of us happy and stuffed. My favorite? The crepes. Allison’s favorite was the mango panna cotta. You loved the s’more-style cheesecake.

In the afternoon we ventured away from Ithaca, south, for the Finger Lakes Trail. You said you would rather walk close to home, but went along with exploring somewhere new together. But during that first mile, up 600 feet, with bugs driving us crazy, I thought you’d turn around. You did’t, though. You complained a lot (and I mean, a lot) but pushed on. You had the brilliant idea of having me lead the way, to attract the bugs. For your benefit, I think it worked.

Allison ran on ahead but you and I reached the peak of the hill and slowed down, making our way through what you nicknamed “hallways” in the pine trees. You loved how open it was, as I knew you would. It was inviting, not at all threatening, and also, beautiful. We drank our water and talked about summer (only 3 days of school left). It was super. And then we turned around.

The walk back (and down) was a lot different, with you running ahead by yourself every now and then. It was much easier going, and even though it was almost 90º out, we had it pretty smooth on the downhill in the woods. It was deemed a good hike, “after the beginning part.”

Thank you for a wonderful day,

The music for this Dear Jonah video is a slowed down version of Loomings

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