Four and a Half Years Old

February 2010

Dear Jonah,

Where’s the snow? It’s cold out so we stay inside, but only because we can see the grass on the ground. The year is off to a bumpy start although you and I seem to roll right along as though bumpy is smooth.

I was sick this past week. We lost heat for a day/night. And there is a bunch of other not so fun adult human drama that you need not worry about. But this morning when we ate chocolate chip, banana pancakes (with syrup) it was like that stuff never happened.

Tonight you ran around the house for hours with your friend from day care. Yesterday we both spilled milk all over the table and were able to laugh about it. Every day (even the days you’re at your Mom’s) you make me smile. I’m not sure how to repay you for that. I’ll just keep making these videos until I come up with something better. Thanks, son.

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