February 2010

Dear Jonah,

We had elaborate plans to make artsy, homemade Valentines for your friends at day care. Instead we saw a super cool Transformers set and blew off the personalized cards. Kind of: you wrote your name.

And what a job you did. A few weeks ago your letters were kind of all over the place. Not in a line. Not really resembling letters, either. But you were so careful, so deliberate with each of these that I ran and grabbed the camera. Just in time, too. This was the last card you signed, and even as you ran out of room (which you didn’t do on the others) you stuck with it.

The sad thing is, I don’t think my penmanship is much better than yours. Will you even learn cursive in school? Will you write anything by the time you’re in high school 10 years from now? For now, you’re doing great.

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