Jonah and the Blinky Bugs

January 2013

Dear Jonah,

It’s New Year’s Day and you’re making something wonderful. It seems like you’re always making something wonderful. We followed the directions to create the first of these glowing creatures and it was tricky but we ended up with something cool. Then you wanted to try and do it by yourself. And that’s what this video is. I watched you concentrate and make another neat four-legged bug. You laughed and had fun, playing with them as you made each one unique (with working lights)! But that’s where this video ends. In the middle of creation number three you became so frustrated that you threw the other two bugs to the ground. I stopped recording to help you but you called yourself an idiot, cried, and ran away. You wouldn’t listen when I told you how amazing it all is and that you made something great without my help at all. Your frustration overwhelmed you and we didn’t make any more critters. But I’m glad I have this, since I just showed it to you and you said watching it makes you feel good about yourself. You have a lot of reasons to feel good about yourself, kiddo.


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