Jonah and the Rocky Coast of Maine

July 2013

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Dear Jonah,

In typical summer fashion: we’re all over the place. I’m writing this on your birthday, but this beautiful ocean day (and Maine company in general) that we enjoyed for two weeks happened almost a month ago. I have no documentation of our time in Connecticut. And in just a few days we’ll pack ourselves up and drive 12 hours west. Jasmine (our dog) will not be joining us on that trip.

We’ve been here before but this was the first time that you seemed to truly love it. Two Lights State Park is a magical place to explore. You were enchanted by the old fort but the tide pools and rocks are what held your interest, just as it did for me when I was your age. It still does, actually. In fact: I appreciate this place now more than I ever did as a kid, so you can imagine how excited I am to see you take it all in.

So you’re eight now. For whatever reason, that comes with what seems like a huge shift in consciousness, appearance, abilities, whatever, compared to seven. You even sound different. But that is just a number, so I realize that the shift might be in me, not you. You’re doing the same wonderful things you’ve been doing for the past few months: immerse yourself in Adventure Time, swim at any given chance, collect stuffed animals, and talk (or play) Minecraft with whoever is around you. The “thing” you were most excited for on your birthday was/is to stay up with me until midnight. Way late (you’ve been crashing at 9 all summer). I’m writing this during the attempt, and like a lot of other things you’ve put your mind to lately: you make it look very easy.

Party on.

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