February 2010

Dear Jonah,

You really didn’t want me to film you earlier in the day. So I didn’t. Then after a while you really did want me to film you. It is, after all, our new Saturday staple. I never have the camera out for more than 10 minutes, usually, but that is long enough for you to get tired of it.

You declared “quiet time” OVER today, after only half an hour or so. When it got really quiet I went to check on what had happened and found you fast asleep in bed, comforter pulled right up to your chin. That has only happened a handful of times in your four and a half years on this planet, so I grabbed the camera, again, and filmed you sleeping.

It didn’t last long though, I ditched the camera, edited this quick video, and crawled in to bed next to you. We slept like champions until a text message woke us up.

Thank you for that. I love you,

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