Snow Day

December 2016

Dear Jonah,

It snowed more in 24 hours than it did almost all of last winter. School was cancelled and you couldn’t wait to get outside. After rummaging through our winter gear bags I came up with your snow pants, hat, gloves, jacket, and even goggles, and you were gone. I came and joined you once I found my own cold weather gear. This video explains the rest, you loved the first real, and substantial, snow. During summer the heat (and bugs) really get to you (me too, we must be related). So the winter months really are your/our time of year. You never complain about the cold, or the dark, or even ice. After you enjoyed the snow all day you crashed right on time, woke up the next day, and went to play outside for 20 minutes before heading to school. I love how much you love it. We’re both hoping for more snow, and we’ve got enough mini marshmallows to last the next few months.


The music for this Dear Jonah video is “Rest” from my album Timescapes

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