We Move On

June 2013

Dear Jonah,

Since 2009 the corner house at Dey and Lincoln has been our home. When I had to find a place to live after your mom and I split I saw a “for rent” sign in front of this magical place and two weeks later we moved in. It was almost too good to be true. But it stayed good. It was true. Our new home was perfect for us, even though you only spent half of each week here. I filled the place with pictures of you and when you were around we filled the place with fun. Halfway through our time here we swapped bedrooms, which gave you the loft that overlooked everything. From that spot you could see the Sciencenter during the day and the moon at night. Or you could watch me work below, or smell the food I cooked in the kitchen under your feet. The house shook every time a train passed, and TCAT busses woke us in the mornings. We played baseball in our big backyard. We dug snow tunnels next to the sidewalk. For a while a cat lived with us (two, at one point). And for a longer while a woman lived with us and became part of our little family. I began making these movies at the house. You would finger-knit for hours on end. I recorded two albums here. The dining room was for science experiments. We ran out of secret places to play hide and seek. I rarely hired a babysitter and when I did I was only ever a few blocks away. We grew together here, and for over three years it was a stable center. You’re excited to move but I know you’ll miss this home. That’s okay, and normal: I’ll miss it too. We’ll wave at it when we pass, on foot as we go to the farmer’s market, in the car on our way to swim lessons, and when we return to our new home after a long day of adventures.


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