The most fun and stress I’ve had working on anything, ever. And we’re sold out!

I’ve been a fan of games for as long as I’ve had memories. Seriously, some of the earliest experiences I can recall center around a board game, or video game, or sport, or something silly outdoors. So in March of 2015 I set out to make my own game, called ASSUMPTIONS.

It had to be Kickstarted, as I didn’t have enough cash on hand to produce 1000 copies of the game. I’m happy to say that I was successful in the campaign, well beyond my goal. The game will be shipped to all backers, available for sale online, and in a few physical stores in August 2015.

assumptions-graphic-promos-people assumptions-graphic-promos-cards

The project required a lot of pre-visualization, from creating a brand with a physical product that didn’t exist, to finding and hiring the exact right illustrator for the job. I made two videos (including the one above, which I also animated and composed music for, with help from Allison Usavage). I prototyped the game, several times, like this:


It was immensely fun and the first expansion pack has been released! Who wants to play? The game is now for sale, for $25, to US and Canada sold out! The website is

You Think This Is A Game
You Think This Is A Game
Assumptions – Game Creation