A wordpress theme that highlights large photos, and lots of ’em.

Since I abandoned my one-page design years ago I’ve powered my site with WordPress. A lot of other people have too, and WordPress sites have evolved to look the same, with a platform that is slightly bloated.

Those problems led me to believe that other people probably felt the same way that I did, so I created Futch for me, and them/you. Cruise around the demo site site to see. It’s a photo blog format, with a minimalist focus (no comments). I’m really proud of the image gallery integration, using WordPress’ default Add Media option. It lays things out really well. Here’s a link to a demo page that has tons of images, but the layout was all done within WordPress. There are no dependent plugins involved, just some suggested WordPress settings (mostly media sizes – bigger is better). That stuff is explained here.

futch-2-o futch-cm-5-o futch-cm-4-o futch-cm-3-o

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