The simplest, smoothest, text on photo iphone app (of its time).

One day at AWP I took a few hours to conceptualize and design a new kind of text overlay app. That’s the cool thing about that shop. A week later Scott had a working prototype. We made Piction simple and minimal with the intention of creating a beautiful finished product with no hassle. I also designed and coded the website to do two things: show you what is possible with the app, and get you to the app store as easily as possible.

I was excited to make a super simple website to go with the minimalist app. I used photos that I took over the past year (and one of Christopher’s photos as well). You’ll experience one of five experiences when you visit pictionapp.com (see below)


I’ve had a lot of fun seeing other people’s Pictions (OPP!) on social media. As of 2017 Piction is no longer being maintained, so it might only live on via legacy devices and these materials here.

Piction Product Design. A super simple text-on-photo utility.

ATTN: I'm retiring many of these fonts and moving others to a new store! Use this coupon code at checkout to save 50% off the entire cart: fontgraveyard Dismiss