Planetary Society

Several print design projects, with lots of great space imagery and mind-blowing content.

The Planetary Society (a non-profit with thousands of dues-paying members) needed a few different print pieces created. An advocacy pamphlet (above) the Humans Orbiting Mars document (below) and some newspaper ads for USA Today (bottom). There was a bit of a time crunch, but that was definitely a fun part of the challenge. I can say that, because communication from their team is always excellent, and they were incredibly organized and trusted me to do my thing.

A tricky task for me was to make the document very digestible for a wide audience, while also including an abundance of footnotes. Because there was no hard page limit, it was easy for me to give the content an abundance of white space, preventing clutter and focusing attention on the content. It was also easy to search for (and then use!) great space imagery. I used open source typefaces for them to apply this design to future projects, too. Let’s orbit Mars, already!