Fontmaking 101

Last week I published an article on Creative Market about how to get started with making a typeface. It isn’t a definitive method, or even the way that I normally go about creating a font (I prefer Fontlab). But that might be okay, as Glyphs Mini is a wonderful little introduction to type design.

I’m not going to call this tutorial a success unless someone shows me something that they created with help from this video. That said, it’s up to almost 1,000 views in one week, so it’s clear that there is a bit of interest in designing type. Once you understand the tools the real challenge becomes making something usable, or unique (ideally both). The video also doesn’t even touch terminology, best practices, etc. so consider it an informal way to get started.

I taught myself how to do all of this, for better or for worse (earlier fonts I’ve made, definitely for worse). Just get a load of the first ever font I made (on a trackpad, no less):


So I wrote a little more on the blog post, but the goods can be found in the video. I’ll be adjusting my method so the recording is a little louder, clearer, and less “clicky”. And I’d love to know what you thought (if you watched the whole thing and tried out Glyphs Mini). Send me a tweet. I should note: I made this video without any contact with the makers of Glyphs Mini. If you watch it you’ll see that there are bugs, imperfections, so hopefully my objectivity comes across clearly.

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