Free Font (kinda) – Guilder?!


So I released a new version of my font Guilder this past week. I loved the original but this version is even better. And it is still a limited edition (how many remain will be a mystery from here on out, but I’m approaching the halfway point).

So I present you with Guilder Light, an oblique version of Guilder that will suit your headline needs. It is uppercase only with numerals and basic punctuation. If you want the international characters and lowercase  glyphs of Guilder (at a heavier weight, too) you’ll have to buy the full version (update: it has been retired and replaced with Upstater). The light style here is a bit of an experiment. If people are in to it I’ll probably add it as a complete weight in the Guilder package.

Go nuts, have fun, share it. It is free and encourage for commercial use!

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