I’m entering 12 years in the “workforce” as a “designer” and wouldn’t have made it this far (not sure how far that is) without free resources that other people have generously provided. It’s also worth noting that giving away some of my work has lead to paid work. So here you go:


League Mono – 8 weight monospace for The League.

Southpaw – My wife’s handwriting

Juju Combo – All caps, no curves, lots of lines

Blackout – The first typeface I gave away

Knewave – Also on Google Fonts

Katahdin Round – Pay what you want ($0 probably)

Excelsiorama – Collaboration with 30+ Upstate NY Designers

Grandstander Clean – An early version of Grandstander

Chunk Five Print – A hacked version of Chunk

Pixel County Classics – From my days making flash websites

OS Stack – A weird, layered version of Ostrich Sans

Porter Sans Block – Also on FontSquirrel

Ostrich Sans – The weak, inferior precursor to Ostrich Proper

Taurus Mono Outline – Monospace space font

Chawp – Made in one day, on a chalkboard


Grayscreens – phone wallpaper

Gaunt – WordPress Theme

Loomings – Music

Looks V1 – Lightroom Presets

Cloud Share – Photos of clouds

Paper Textures – Super Old Photoshop Brushes

Plaid – Repeating background image from a favorite shirt, yeah

Unsplash – Photos I’ve given away

Pixabay – Other photos

Hopefully this list will only grow (although Didactic has been removed for the time being while I make improvements). If you’ve made something with one (or more!) of these resources, tweet or insta it my way.

ATTN: I'm retiring many of these fonts and moving others to a new store! Use this coupon code at checkout to save 50% off the entire cart: fontgraveyard Dismiss