From a Backyard On A Hill

Actually, we’ve been out of “the city” for almost two months now, but that time has elapsed quicker than I had anticipated. I took the majority of these photos in the first two weeks of living in our new place in “the country” (about 6 miles from downtown). I actually stopped photographing the new, amazing view because 1) the photos don’t do it justice and 2) it’s like this almost every day (except for the fog).

IMGP2559 IMGP2576 IMGP2544 IMGP2572 IMGP2834 IMGP2527 IMGP2831 IMGP2518 IMGP2508 IMGP2530

I think part of my affection for this new spot is that it reminds me of home. This view could just as easily be walking distance from the house I grew up in. Even the smell is closer to that of my childhood. I can’t wait to see how this view changes over the next 10 months.

*These photos were all taken with my Pentax K-01.

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