Giant, Better

This was not a honeymoon.

But it did all happen within a week of getting married. Once all of our family left town, so did we. It took almost exactly five hours to get from Ithaca to the Giant trailhead (ridge route), so we didn’t start the climb until 2:45pm. We made it up to the summit in just over 2 hours and – as you’ll see below – got poured on during the first few feet of our descent.


Giant, from the very beginning, is up up up. For example, take a look at the elevation profile (screenshot from Strava).

giant-strava IMG_1487 IMG_1501 IMG_1538 IMG_1562

The top, completely our own. We saw fewer than 6 people on this entire hike. It was wonderful, even the rain.


Worth noting: these are the final photos from my Canon G1X, which I purchased used for $220 last December and completely loved. The rain was just too much for it. More photos from this hike, and our trip up Algonquin the next day, are on my wife’s blog.


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