Ithaca Festival Parade 2014

I’ve been doing this for a few years ( 2013 / 2012 / 2011 ). Last year was a little different since I was in the parade with my kid, but we had a blast (as usual) watching this year. As always, if there is a photo of you/family/whoever that you would like to be removed, contact me. These photos haven’t been watermarked for good reason, and you can drag them right to your desktop. Just please credit me if you use it somewhere.

IMGP1769 IMGP1773 IMGP1775 IMGP1786 IMGP1794 IMGP1797 IMGP1800 IMGP1804 IMGP1809 IMGP1811 IMGP1815 IMGP1817 IMGP1818 IMGP1824 IMGP1827 IMGP1830 IMGP1833 IMGP1841 IMGP1842 IMGP1845 IMGP1847 IMGP1848 IMGP1849 IMGP1853 IMGP1854 IMGP1855 IMGP1857 IMGP1860 IMGP1864 IMGP1865 IMGP1867 IMGP1869 IMGP1871 IMGP1875 IMGP1877 IMGP1880 IMGP1881 IMGP1883 IMGP1886 IMGP1890 IMGP1891 IMGP1892 IMGP1894 IMGP1896 IMGP1897 IMGP1900 IMGP1903 IMGP1905 IMGP1908 IMGP1912 IMGP1914 IMGP1918 IMGP1920 IMGP1921 IMGP1929 IMGP1936 IMGP1937 IMGP1941 IMGP1944 IMGP1949 IMGP1953 IMGP1954 IMGP1958 IMGP1964 IMGP1965 IMGP1970 IMGP1971 IMGP1980 IMGP1985 IMGP1989 IMGP2000 IMGP2004 IMGP2005 IMGP2007 IMGP2010 IMGP2012 IMGP2013 IMGP2021 IMGP2025 IMGP2027 IMGP2028 IMGP2030 IMGP2032 IMGP2038 IMGP2041 IMGP2042 IMGP2044 IMGP2046 IMGP2049 IMGP2051 IMGP2052 IMGP2054 IMGP2059 IMGP2060 IMGP2064 IMGP2066 IMGP2069 IMGP2073 IMGP2074 IMGP2081 IMGP2084 IMGP2087 IMGP2095 IMGP2097 IMGP2099 IMGP2101 IMGP2106 IMGP2110 IMGP2111 IMGP2113 IMGP2114 IMGP2116 IMGP2119 IMGP2125 IMGP2127 IMGP2128 IMGP2129 IMGP2130 IMGP2134 IMGP2136 IMGP2138 IMGP2141 IMGP2142 IMGP2144 IMGP2146 IMGP2148 IMGP2149 IMGP2150 IMGP2155 IMGP2162 IMGP2165 IMGP2170 IMGP2171 IMGP2173 IMGP2177 IMGP2178 IMGP2180 IMGP2181 IMGP2182 IMGP2184

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