Lickety Split, A New Handmade Font

Another labor of love!

Lickety Split is what I’ve wanted for myself for quite sometime now. Knewave was close, but not sloppy enough. My handwriting is a mess, so it made sense that I make a more direct, illegible (kidding, you can read it) translation than a cleaner treatment.

As I prepare to launch my own business and create a new brand for Sursly I once again felt compelled to create a unique, handmade font.


I had reservations about sharing it (selling it, even) since so much of my new materials will incorporate the aesthetic, but I put it out into the wild, for a lower price than Guilder. Because it is less practical, not a limited edition font, and comes with fewer styles, it made sense to me to sell it for $15 (as opposed to $25).  Hopefully that won’t discourage you.

ATTN: I'm retiring many of these fonts and moving others to a new store! Use this coupon code at checkout to save 50% off the entire cart: fontgraveyard Dismiss