Flaming Lips, Round Two

The Flaming Lips came back to Ithaca and I was even more excited this time than I was a few years ago when they first played on Cornell’s campus.

Unprocessed photo.
Unprocessed photo.

All I brought to the show was my iPhone (5) and, not unlike my last big concert experience, it was more than enough:

Again, teasing/testing the new app we’re working on over at AWP. It’s a hot little number that I can’t wait to put in your hands.

Just before they played "Do You Realize"
Just before they played “Do You Realize”

But my favorite moment of the night came from an impressively original cover of a Devo song: Gates of Steel. The only reason I know that is because Triple Double (one of my favorite mashups by Girl Talk) uses it incredibly well. Skip to 3:36 in that video. The clip below will never do that experience justice, but I’m glad I have it:

So it was a magical night. As usual I have more clips from the night on my Vimeo page, including Do You Realize? And I have another 100 photos that I won’t bore you with.

No filter needed!
Unprocessed, straight out of camera photo
Unprocessed, straight out of camera photo

That’s that. The Flaming Lips is a band worth checking out, while they’re still rocking out. I’m lucky to have seen/heard/felt them twice in three years. Here’s to music and LOVE.