Listen To: Gavin Castleton

I don’t think he’ll mind that I’m borrowing this sweet banner (I’ll give it back). The point is: you’ll love what you’ll hear.

I’m pretty sure I had his Hypoteneuse album on repeat for the entire month I was in India, which either kept me sane or made me miss New England like crazy, but I’ve been hooked since the Gruvis Malt days. I can’t believe I took this video 6 years ago (wow):

So he is/was the keyboardist for that band (sorry about the audio), who consistently provided the best live shows I’ve ever attended. But this is now, solo (not one of his songs, but it has GavCaz written all over it):

Big things coming, whether he likes it or not. His new album sounds ridiculously unique, and progressive even for him. Check out the other videos he has on that YouTube page.

If you want to listen to MY favorite work of his, check out A Bullet, A Lever, A Key, which chronicles an alternate life (in reverse) if he were to give up music NOW. It starts (or ends) with his suicide in a New Jersey hotel room (2054) and moves back to 2007, when he ditches music for a more “normal” life. The track titles are years (as mentioned above) and narrative…and beautiful. 2054 is a powerful piece of music and storytelling. Enjoy it below:

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