LocalRad.io – New Mobile App

I feel compelled to share an internal project completed recently at Singlebrook that I utterly love.


You can direct yourself over to LocalRad.io (offline as of March 2017) or you could keep reading (and then head over there).

Local Radio web appI’m into my last week as a full-time designer for Singlebrook, where we made this. Local Radio came out of an internal project development session, and we had a decent working prototype in one day. It has since been refined over the past few months to the point where Singlebrook needs feedback, but more importantly, you need to experience it.

When you bring up the site for the first time it’ll ask to use your location. Once you allow that, Local Radio uses the Soundcloud API (which, happy as we are that it has one, is slightly flawed) to serve up their music from bands located in your city/town. That’s it. We are filtering tracks with a duration that is under one minute and over six minutes, but other than that, everything comes through. Even talk radio (podcasts, weird recordings, anything).


If you don’t like what is playing, no problem, you can skip it (double right arrow button, on the right). When I pitched the idea to the office I basically said “local Pandora,” hence the skip button. Originally it was a “scan” button, true to the radio language. But words are boring, and unnecessary. Unlike Pandora (which I love), you can skip and skip and skip forever.

I’ve already discovered amazing music in Ithaca that I had never heard before. Like:

And I’ve found a lot of other great area artists, too. I’ve also found a lot of bad local music/talk, but hey, it’s all local, and that’s why we integrated a skip button.

Potential Roadmap

So there are things I’d like to see Singlebrook integrate into the system that will really complete the web app and take it to a new level

  • “Local” music includes bands within a 30 mile radius of your location
  • Skip “tracking” – removes songs permanently from being played after X amount of skips
  • Email/tweet song
  • Favorite a track (which would require a user system)
  • Pull in music from other sites (like Band Camp, Reverb Nation, etc. – which currently is not possible)
  • Allow playability in other countries (currently, I think only the US is supported)

Anyway, other people have a lot of ideas too, and I trust that a lot of these features will be implemented, it might just take a little while. But for the time being, I’m going to keep rocking out.