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It was a perfect spring day. Borderline summer day (we got hot).

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I’ve done this train ride maybe a dozen times, but never with Jonah. Despite the off-peak time, there were many passengers. We learned later that it was opening day for the Yankees (who lost to the Red Sox!).

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Jonah wanted to know if we were going underground (since we departed South Norwalk above ground). After our train passed through Harlem and ducked below the streets he became very interested in what was happening in “the dark.” Not a whole lot, but for a kid with an active imagination, tons of interesting things.

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We decided to do whatever we wanted until the 3:30 train home, which didn’t give us a whole day (or even a half day) but it turned out to be plenty.

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It was a memorable day. But why stop at photos? Here’s a Dear Jonah video to go along with our trip:

Dear Jonah,
This was our first trip to NYC together. You had been once, with your mom, a few years ago, but it was a first for us. We had no real plans or schedule, we just hopped on a train in South Norwalk and got off in Manhattan. Clearly you had never seen Grand Central Station. You took it all in slowly and were relieved to see that many other people were doing the same thing. There was a lot to look at but that was only the beginning.
On the street I could tell you wanted to stop and see it all. Your only other visit was over two years ago so while I’m sure you remembered bits and pieces, it was probably all new and exciting. The City looks, smells, and feels a lot different than our life upstate.
We didn’t have enough time, of course, and we both tired of the scene by 3pm and caught the last off-peak train back to Connecticut. It was a fun day and you had nothing but good things to say about our adventure. Me too, but then again, the second we got home I puked my brains out.
* * *
Music is “New Theory” by Washed Out