Micro Macros

A lot of times I try to zoom out, or step back from something, to gain perspective. In this case I got in a close as I could. Closer than possible with my eyes. And as usual, the change in perspective was breathtaking.

My yellow Pentax is approaching retirement. So in a panic I picked up a used Lumix GX1 for $150. The camera looks and feels almost exactly like the previous micro four thirds camera I had from 2010-2011, the GF1 (which I loved). But with it I snagged the Olympus 60mm f/2.8 macro lens (which also works well as a telephoto – 120mm equivalent) and subsequently had my mind blown. Take a look at what I’ve found.

15184481849_bc0478dd24_h 15380039416_0bbfdea168_h 15216306469_2ca2ffa75f_h 15197154540_b4161d1e61_h 15381769485_2ceff93005_h 15195240207_df4b843950_h 15195136497_4e3eacfee7_h 15381596435_f80263eb3f_h 15186663147_53fd6ed091_h 15369991621_d6e4561db7_h 15372832162_89116b764f_h 15371289125_3678e95551_h 15370966612_6da02ed225_h

I feel compelled to note that all of the critters I found are/were alive an well. No photographing of dead things, for me (yet). What also amazes me is how little I feel like “processing” any of these, or correcting anything other than exposure. That’s mostly due to the fact that simply viewing things on this scale is astounding enough. There’s no need to filter anything here.

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