Minus A Cool Guy/Programmer

See that guy there, his name is Casey. He’s been our lead programmer at work for over two years now. He started a month or so before I did at AWP and no one had any idea how awesome he’d be, and how much he’d revolutionize what we do with our websites and business.

Casey D

Today was Casey’s last day at work. Technically he’ll be programming a little bit into the future for us but probably not within these office walls. We cranked out a lot of fun projects during his time here and are finishing up an epic redesign of IthacaEvents.com. He introduced us all to the world of GarfieldMinusGarfield and hooked us up with liquid nitrogen. We also watched him transform from a novice pianist to an awesome bandmate with improv skills to spare (see video below).

Casey, if you’re reading this, I’m linking to your website and tweets now, so, time to keep up on both of those. Thanks for the good times. We’ll see you at Wednesday band practice, dude. Oh, and I’ll keep an eye on your ergonomic chair for now.

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