O.S. Stack


Since this specific font was already in pieces I decided to have some fun with it and make a layered version. Layer 4 is totally unnecessary as it is just the counter, which is infrequent in OS Bold to begin with.


This is an experiment more than anything else, which is why you won’t find it in the League repository for Ostrich Sans.


It’s pretty fun to combine colors and even leave out a layer. The example below lacks style #1, for instance.


I think it’s fun. In addition to this crazy stacked version of Ostrich I updated the original BOLD style that this is based on. It now has significantly improved (aka: existent) kerning and some glyphs were adjusted for width consistency (7, W, Y, T, Z to name a few). Check it out below.


As you can see, the differences are huge. The space is smaller, too, which makes headlines (the ONLY thing you should ever use Ostrich for) smoother. It is still far from perfect, but I have paying work that needs attention.

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