It’s a rainy Saturday morning and my kid is fighting off a cold. His voice is almost gone, and his usual excitement and enthusiasm for the weekend is completely gone. Ever other Saturday we usually go to a nearby diner for breakfast. But instead, we’re going to try pancakes right here, at home. NO PROBLEMO, I said, after I dashed across the street to power myself on Gimme Coffee. PANCAKES COMING RIGHT UP.

Typically when I make these from scratch I don’t ever write down what I do. I had memorized a recipe years ago but modified it over and over to the point where it’s just random. But today I wrote it down, and mixed up the ingredients from what I usually do. I don’t know if I was extra hungry or what, but these pancakes tasted pretty good. Then again I’ve never met a pancake I don’t like. So here it is.


So I guess if you had gluten-free oats this would qualify as GF, and it’d be easy to substitute the eggs and make it vegan. And it’s already dairy-free. Really this is just a vehicle for real maple syrup, right? Right.

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