IF Parades

The Ithaca Festival is a great local annual event that kicks off with a wacky and wonderful parade.

What a great chance to see things you might never see in any town, even here! My kid has been in the parade. I was in the parade with him another year (the year it poured, naturally). But most of the time we’re on the curb, clapping, waving, and laughing at everything that passes us by. It’s the kind of event where you want to lay a blanket down in your spot at least an hour or two before the parade starts.

It feels like the whole town is in the parade, but then again the sidewalks are lined, thick with people, taking it all in. It’s always a gamble against the weather, which predictably borders on pre-apocalyptic and gorgeous. The photos here are some of my favorites from the past 6 years (I started taking photos of the parade in 2011, simply for fun). I don’t think most people know what Instagram was, then, which made it even better 👏