Kingston to Negril and back, with a mountain adventure in between. March-April, 2018

Allison rented a car for us that I had the pleasure to drive from Kingston to Negril, which was definitely an experience. We had a small cottage booked for first half of the trip ($50 AirBNB) allowing us to wing it for the second half. It was our delayed honeymoon and also happened to include my birthday. I didn’t eat cake. I DID, however, start my birthday morning with a run on the beach and later in the day followed a Rastafari named Fiyah to the top of a mountain where he made a fresh vegan meal with some ingredients foraged along the way. That was Allison’s happy place, which she compiled for everyone on Exposure. Here’s an 87 second video shot mostly with an infrequently used GoPro:

Allison has an even better gallery on her site.