Pixels vs Print – Photo Recap

I just got back from Pixels vs Print and it was wonderful. Seven other “coaches” (design professionals) and I, along with some wonderful Syracuse University staff/faculty, led almost 30 undergraduates through web and print design projects for Family. Life.. The tasks were challenging but the students were wonderful, and it was completely, unsurprisingly, exhausting. I only had my camera out for one of the days, as we were all busy collaborating and eating delicious food, but I’m glad I took a little time to capture the event.


P1020160 P1020162 P1020173 P1020174 P1020179 P1020180 P1020185 P1020189 P1020193 P1020198 P1020200 P1020204 P1020208 P1020218 P1020222 P1020224 P1020230 P1020233 P1020234 P1020237 P1020238 P1020248 P1020249 P1020251 P1020253 P1020256 P1020261 P1020265 P1020267 P1020268 P1020270 P1020272 P1020275 P1020281 P1020282 P1020284 P1020285 P1020291 P1020292 P1020294 P1020296  P1020301 P1020304 P1020305 P1020309 P1020312 P1020314 P1020317 P1020320 P1020323 P1020326 P1020328

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