Rhythm & Rhyme

Performances, food, fire, friends…it was jam-packed. I was bummed that the festival didn’t move to Stewart Park on Sunday even though I understand why ($$$$). I’d love to see the 2015 Ithaca Festival happen ONLY at Stewart Park, actually. You could even shorten it a day and I’d still be happy about it. Pictures from the Parade are here. Anyway, the photos (please credit me with link to this page if re-posting elsewhere):

IMGP2218 IMGP2222 IMGP2225 IMGP2232 IMGP2235 IMGP2236 IMGP2237 IMGP2240 IMGP2245 IMGP2249 IMGP2251 IMGP2252 IMGP2254 IMGP2260 IMGP2261 IMGP2262 IMGP2265 IMGP2268 IMGP2275 IMGP2280 IMGP2282 IMGP2284 IMGP2286 IMGP2287 IMGP2290 IMGP2294 IMGP2296 IMGP2298 IMGP2300 IMGP2302 IMGP2303 IMGP2305 IMGP2306 IMGP2309 IMGP2316 IMGP2318 IMGP2328 IMGP2336 IMGP2338 IMGP2340 IMGP2342 IMGP2345

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