Run Club

A simple thought popped into my brain during a run in the rainy woods today: replace the word “fight” in key quotes from the movie Fight Club with the word “run”. It doesn’t work for EVERY quote, but for others it is quite fitting. Those are included here. Then again, you could swap the word with “crochet” or “unicycle” and it would be okay.

runclub-5 runclub-4a runclub-2 runclub-3 runclub-1 runclub-6

Fight Club was my favorite movie back when I was naive enough to have a favorite movie. This was also an exercise in testing out one of my new fonts, which will be out any day now is out and called Nonesuch. The “run” font on top of the text is Lickety Split.

ATTN: I'm retiring many of these fonts and moving others to a new store! Use this coupon code at checkout to save 50% off the entire cart: fontgraveyard Dismiss