Runner’s Beat

I dug out my GoPro again to document a trail run.

I’ve been experimenting with the best way to record my time in the woods, simply as a way to share it with other people (since it is easy to get lost and even easier to get uninspired/sick of the same routes). The head mount is smooth but not at all fun to wear, so I went with the chest mount, which is easier to forget about, but provides shakier video. The run was fun and a variation on some usual routes I take, but when I went watch the video I noticed something pretty interesting that had nothing to do with the visuals; my heartbeat.

If you start the video at around 6 minutes you’ll notice the usual noise that accompanies running (footsteps, breathing, etc.) but as I approach the water crossing and slow down, those sounds get quieter which allows the chest-mounted GoPro to pick up the thump thumps of my heart. You may need earbuds or bass-heavy speakers to hear it (on my laptop speakers it was very hard to notice).

Just skip ahead to 6:09 and wait until 6:20 (or whenever). I should note that I didn’t touch the video/audio in any way. I pulled the raw footage from the camera, uploaded to YouTube, and that’s it. As I re-watch it now I notice that even as I start running again after crossing the creek you can still hear my heartbeat. A definite unexpected perk to the chest mount. Here’s the trail map/stats/data from the run (I stopped recording at mile 4). See you on the trails!

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