Three styles, endless possibilities. Okay maybe not endless.

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KORSQUE comes with an open style, which on its own is quite beautiful. Beneath that you could pair it with partial revealing some of your page background while adding a little color. Or with solid which will provide a strong base to stack on. OR go for all three. The trifecta. You don’t even need to stack KORSQUE. Experiment! Have fun. Colors are very important if you are stacking things (well, colors are important all of the time). Want to see a demo of the stacked webfonts in action?

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Instant download includes:

  • OTF files for Open, Partial, and Solid
  • License for installation/use on up to three workstations
  • Webfont kits for unlimited use on one domain – also, stacked started html page to show how layering the three styles on a website is possible.