Sodus Point / Chimney Bluffs

Just a day trip with a photographer much better than myself.

Typical upstate NY: snow/blue sky/rain/fog/flat grey nothingness
IMGP2368 IMGP2372
This spot, with only my beard to protect my face.
IMGP2384 IMGP2399
Everything changes. Even these seasonal clumps will smooth out and rejoin the surrounding sand as one.
IMGP2406 IMGP2409 IMGP2427 IMGP2444 IMGP2453
Adam is no stranger to adventure, or the bluffs.
IMGP2474 IMGP2496 IMGP2502
Ignore the symbolism/transition from Lake Ontario back to Cayuga, as I approach “home.”
IMGP2529 IMGP2533 IMGP2542

Maybe Adam will share a photo from this trip (twitter/flickr).

But get outdoors, or just out of your door (I know, the weather isn’t always cooperative). Kill your routine. Destroy the phrase “comfort zone.” Try something/someone new. Today.

* * *