This is a Heading 1

And an H2 just to be sure

Okay, time for the three

Fourth Heading

I’m <h5> Everybody
And Finally, the sixth

This is a paragraph of text, with default styling. Nothing inline is happening, except links, bold stuff,¬†maybe some italics, and oh, yeah, a strikethrough. Let’s see what lists do, okay?

  • I’m an unordered list
  • And I know it
  • You need at least three items in a list
  • And one of those items should be a really long line of text, maybe two lines but a long sentence.

Fantastic work, it’s becoming clearer already. Let’s do the same thing, but with numbers.

  1. Because this is an option in WordPress,
  2. Obviously
  3. And to make it official

Blockquote, since we’re just going through all the visual editor options.

Above here is a horizontal rule, cool. That’s <hr /> right?