sursly dot com - in its final state before retirement - 2009 – in its final state before retirement – 2009

I made this site in 2008. It got a lot of attention (that I know it didn’t deserve) and people are still visiting my site today because of blog posts, “best” lists, and tutorials about it. In 2009 I wrote about how people stole the code/design. Ultimately I redesigned, eventually made the switch to and put the old source code for the horizontal scroller on Github

This morning I got an email from someone who wanted to know how to to x, y, and z with the template. I hadn’t looked at the site, or the code, since 2012, when I gave it away…needless to say I dug through my dropbox, FTP’d it back up to my server, and cringed.

Now, some things I still think are okay about it:

  • colors: black/white and a highlighter yellow…solid
  • type: Helvetica and the first version of Blackout
  • simplicity:  its a very condensed one pager, just enough info, not a lot of junk

And the things that are not so good:

  • bulk: no preloader, 3+mb of data
  • that ridiculous self portrait (mustache game is strong though)
  • design skillz: this could have been so much better (stupid “go” and “home” buttons, among other things)
  • portfolio: not enough pictures (and small ones at that) in each project

I designed and coded it on a 12″ Powerbook (resolution 1024×768) at the same time the first iPhone was released. Webfonts weren’t really a thing (aside from unknown support in IE!) and I rarely updated it. I also never expected people to steal it over and over. Now I don’t even make websites (aside from this one), I use my phone more than my computer, and my kid is almost 10. Funny how things change.

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