The Last Trip Home

To make a long story short: my parents moved. These photos from a few weeks ago document the last time I got to sleep in the house I had called home since 1987. Actually, there aren’t many photos of the house, more from the vacation in general.  I took much more video on this trip, but I also tried to keep my picture taking to a minimum, so I could enjoy the final days in the greatest neighborhood I’ve ever known.

IMGP3256 IMGP3267IMGP3148IMGP3265 IMGP3153 IMGP3162 IMGP3183IMGP3204 IMGP3206 IMGP3242IMGP3273 IMGP3313IMGP3284 IMGP3306IMGP3321 IMGP3320IMGP3319IMGP3322 IMGP3340 IMGP3324IMGP3387 IMGP3415 IMGP3399IMGP3424 IMGP3475 IMGP3466 IMGP3437 IMGP3435IMGP3513 IMGP3512 IMGP3497 IMGP3492 IMGP3484IMGP3515IMGP3526IMGP3527 IMGP3519IMGP3533

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