The Return Voyage of Christopher Mackenzie

My instrumental space album is done. I did a quick one page site so people could listen to the entire album for free (albeit with Flash), purchase a digital copy, and/or the CD.


I’m super happy with how everything turned out. It was also fun using Guilder for the design aspects of the album. And the artwork was both challenging and highly enjoyable to create. I dribbbled an animated gif of the cover.

I have a lot of people to thank that supported me on Kickstarter. They are listed on  the website and the album art. And today/tomorrow I get to ship everything out, which is both rewarding and kind of new to me.

On to the next big thing (for me).

ATTN: I'm retiring many of these fonts and moving others to a new store! Use this coupon code at checkout to save 50% off the entire cart: fontgraveyard Dismiss