Time For Assumptions

It is finally here. Assumptions, the game I Kickstarted, has been sent to over 500 people already, to countries all over the world. You can buy a copy (they are very limited) at youthinkthisisagame.com for $25. Currently we are only shipping to the US and Canada, because we’ve been unable to make international shipping options less than the cost of the game. We’re working on that.


If you don’t know what Assumptions is, it’s like Apples to Apples but with people. One person flips a character card and holds it so everyone else can see (but the flipper can’t), everyone else plays 1 assumption from their hand (face down) that they think fits the character. The person who flips the card looks at everything, chooses a fave, and the fave’s owner gets a point. Simple. The illustrations were done by the amazing Lauren Baker – TinySketchbook.com – who cranked out 100 characters in just over two weeks!

assumptions-graphic-promos-people assumptions-graphic-promos-cards

But seriously, what are you waiting for?

Check Out The Game

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