May 2015 update: Blackout 3.0 is released! This update removes the buggy/weird 2am style and adds a very normal style, appropriately called “Sober”. The new styles contain 467 glyphs each, which means in addition to English it supports Western European, Central European, South Eastern European, Vietnamese, and Pinyin. Because of these extensive updates, Blackout 3.0 is no longer free. But it is only $5. Here are some previews:

typesample-blackout3-gif typesample-blackout3-all3 typesample-blackout3-sober-glyphs typesample-blackout3-sunrise-glyphs typesample-blackout3-midnight-glyphs typesample-blackout3-midnight typesample-blackout3-german typesample-blackout3-sober

Note* Uppercase and lowercase characters are the same but only one set was shown in the previews above for the sake of not repeating characters. The download contains 3 OTF files and 3 webfont kits.

Blackout Noon

I also made a distressed version of Blackout called Noon. It supports latin-based languages, and has different texture on the uppercase and lowercase characters. It is available on Creative Market.

Old Blackout

A free display family with three styles: Midnight (solid color forms), Two AM (reversed forms on solid), and Sunrise (outline).  I contributed this font to The League of Moveable Type many years ago and have been updating it ever since. Eats holes for breakfast lunch and dinner. Inspired by filling in sans-serif newspaper headlines. Continually refined with coffee and music. Makes your work louder than the next person’s. Comes in three styles: Midnight (solid), 2AM (reversed), & Sunrise (stroked). See some HTML/CSS examples at /blackout – Blackout was used in a recent lyric video by the band Cherub: