A simple, free, serif font.

Don’t mind me, just getting way out of my comfort zone here. Didactic was is my first adventure in serif-land and while it was a huge challenge, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent creating it. If you like it/use it tweet at @typeler, and I’m on Instagram (@typeler).


I’ve learned a lot about myself and typography in general through the creation of Didactic. Since 2009 I’ve strived to make typefaces that are unique and easily identifiable. Making a more traditional font has challenged me on a creative level that I highly recommend. I stepped out of my comfort zone, but I know that my comfort zone has now doubled in size.


During my talk at Create Upstate (2014) I spoke about creative challenges. I mentioned that when I felt comfortable with Didactic, I’d give it away. So I’m finally making good on that promise (bottom of the page). If you really want to hear that detail in context it is available on Vimeo, but my rationale for giving it away, as opposed to charging for something that took me hundreds of hours, is that this is my first attempt at serifs, wide language support, and possibly a typeface for body copy. It might be rough, and I’ll probably update it in the near future. But please let me know what you think.

didactic-samples-03 didactic-samples-04

That’s it. Check out some of the many other typefaces I’ve designed.